[Map updated 15 Apr 2023.]

This map is based on one from about 1860, before Kilmarnock became the large town it is today. This is where the Brown, Pinkerton and Wyllie/Harper families came together, mostly working as carpet weavers. My great-grandmother, Annie Brown, was born at 39 Bank Street in 1869, though eventually moved to Glasgow where she married an unrelated Alexander Brown in 1889 (aye, “a Broon married a Broon”). Also, some extended family members from the McMeekin and Galt branches made their way to Kilmarnock, but the town is overwhelming part of my Brown family connections. Following are some photos/illustrations of the old town as our ancestors would have recognised.

Kilmarnock, late 1800s — looking north towards Portland Street (off to the left of the statue), and York Street to the right. The street at the far right was Regent Street, but this whole area has been redeveloped, and is now part of the Burns Shopping Mall.

Kilmarnock, near the turn of the century – King Street follows the tram line towards the south, while Bank Street is straight ahead behind the statue (southwest). My great-grandmother, Annie Brown, was born on Bank Street, about 150 metres passed the clock tower.

Kilmarnock, late 1800s — looking south from The Cross along King Street, with Waterloo Street going off to the left.

Kilmarnock, mid 1800s — old Waterloo Street (previously called Greenfoot), looking northwest towards The Cross. This whole area is now a part of the Burns Shopping Mall.



Kilmarnock Town Map — 2 Comments

    • Hi Wendy,
      Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been away for about a month, and I’m just back. I’ve had a look for you, but can’t find any connections between my Brown family and the Walker family. Unfortunately, “Brown” is the most common name in Scotland, and I have three distinct branches in my ancestry! Most of my Brown family had moved to Glasgow by the early 1900s.

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