The articles listed below are mostly general in nature rather than applying specifically to our family members. These writings, however, will give some historical perspective to the times and places our family lived and worked in, and are necessary reading to be able to get a full picture of the lives of our ancestors. There are, of course, articles and stories about family members, and these are usually placed directly under the family headings in the drop-down menus.

List of articles:

  1. My Father Was a Smuggler by John Millar (Jonas Stepšys)
  2. Lithuanians in Scotland by John Millar (Jonas Stepšys)
  3. The Lithuanians by Murdoch Rodgers (the story of the Lithuanians in Scotland)
  4. Lithuanians in Lanarkshire (from BBC: “UK History Local to You”)
  5. Lithuanian Miners in Scotland by Prof. Marjory Harper
  6. Lithuanian Language (alphabet and naming conventions)
  7. Lithuanian History by “The Warrior” (from “AnthroScope” blog)
  8. History of Bellshill by Dr Gilbert T. Bell
  9. History of Bothwellhaugh by Stephen Fisk (from “Abandoned Communities”)