This map (above) shows the north-western part of the Old Suvalki Governate of Lithuania where our family lived before migrating to Scotland in about 1903. Today, this region is part of the County of Marijampolė. My great-great-grandfather, Simonas Melnikaitis, was born around 1830 in Katromyslė, which at that time was in the Kalvarija District, but had moved to the Sakalupis Estate (Sakalupėnai palivarkas) where he married Ona Vidrinskaitė in 1864. Ona had been born at Sakalupis around 1842.

My great-grandmother, Petronėlė Melnikaitytė, was also born on that farm (delivered in the fields where her mother was working according to family legend). Petronėlė first married Pranciškus Simanavičius at Vladislavov in 1886. Pranciškus had been born nearby at Kataučizna, but was working on the Slibinai Estate when they married. They had three children, but only one survived (my half-grand-aunt Annie).  When Pranciškus died about five years later, Petronėlė married my great-grandfather, Jonas Šugžda, a plot holder at Lauckaimis. It was here my grandmother and all but two of her siblings were born. All the marriages and baptisms were carried out at the Catholic Church in Vladislavov (now Kudirkos Naumiestis). The map below shows the area around Lauckaimis in more detail:



Vilkaviškis District Map — No Comments

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