This map shows the town of Galston as it was in the 1890s, but with an overlay of streets added in the 20th century to the western side of the town. Andrew McKay and a number of his siblings and children lived at one time or other in Galston. In 1911, Andrew and his wife, Lizzie Brown, were at 61 Titchfield Street with seven children. The previous census had them all at Bothwell Park, Bellshill, and some of them had returned there by 1921.

Andrew’s oldest son, John McKay and his wife Ellen Muir Neil were in Bentinck Street for the 1921 census, shortly before departing for the USA; they were to return to Orchard and then Brewland Streets in 1956. Also in 1921, Andrew’s brother Robert was in John Street with his second wife, Annie Jack (Lundie) (previously of Airdrie). Almost next door to Robert for that census was Jessie McKay and her children (probably getting ready to join her husband, Andrew Orr, in Gary, Indiana the following year), and Grace Brown (McMillan), sister of Lizzie Brown.

Also in Galston for 1921 were Mary McKay (Wyper) and her youngest brother Robert “Buddy” McKay at Polwarth Street — again, both of these were shortly to emigrate, but to Queensland, Australia.



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