Although Robyn’s maternal side is mostly of Scottish origin (Galt, Barr, Littlejohn, Ferguson, McKerrow, etc.), one of her more intriguing connections is to the Hardman and Frankland families of Middleton, previously part of Lancashire, England. Robyn’s great-grandmother was Emma Alice Hardman, who was born at Tonge, near Middleton, in 1853, and she married David Ferguson at Brisbane, Queensland, in 1877. Emma’s grandparents were: Robert Hardman, weaver, and his wife Betty  Butterfield on her paternal side; and James Frankland, clogger, and his first wife, Ann Warburton, on her maternal side.

English parish records have been unable to reveal any earlier generations than those grandparents, but we do have a number of good records from the end of the 18th century, and from these we can build a solid picture of their family life in a Lancashire cotton mill town. Robert and Betty Hardman had at least six children between 1804 and 1815, while James Frankland had four children (1802–1809) by his first wife, Ann, and eight more children (1813–1830) by his second wife, Hannah Taylor.

Below is the family tree for the Hardman and Frankland families, and I suggest the reader keeps this page open while reading their stories on the following pages. I have divided the story into two parts:

Relevant maps for the Hardman/Frankland families (maps open in a new browser window):




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