Map showing the migrations of the Galt, Barr, and Littlejohn families within Scotland, and the Ferguson family with military service in Ireland and Cape Colony.


Galt-Ferguson Migration Map — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Alan
    First, let me congratulate you on this beautifully crafted website. I’m very new to family histories, but I know a bit about information management, and you have achieved a level of clarity and appeal here that is rare even in professional, commercial sites.
    My wife Carolyn and I live in the old Ferguson farm, Woodhead, in Cedar Creek. We have been here almost 30 years, and have slowly and carefully rolled back its very interesting layers to begin to reveal it as it was when built by William Ferguson, his neighbours and, we suppose, others in the very extensive Ferguson family. They built it well – Woodhead has been in continuous use since he built it in 1870 and we are only the third family to own it.
    As you know, 1870 was a significant year not only for the extended Ferguson family but for the Veivers and many other families who took up selections on 4 January 1870 for the resumed half of the Tamborine run.
    We plan to celebrate Woodhead’s 150th anniversary with a number of events on the farm and, given your extensive knowledge, we would welcome your support and involvement in this.
    We are particularly keen to extend an invitation to the Ferguson clan to an Open Day later in the year, perhaps reflecting the large Family Reunions that we understand took place in the 1960’s and 90’s.
    If you are interested, get back to me – we’d be happy to have you out here for a cup of tea and a good look around.
    Julian Foley and Carolyn Page
    Woodhead, Cedar Creek, Qld. 4207.
    17 January 2020

    • Hello Julian,
      I am so pleased to hear from you, and thank you for your encouraging words.

      My wife (Robyn) is the descendant of Walter Ferguson and Margaret McKerrow, and is in close contact with a number of cousins who are also descendants and keen on family history. Margaret is buried somewhere on the property, and we have for many years harboured a hope we might one day see her grave, or the Woodhead property. As you possibly have read on my site, your property was named after “Woodhead Row” in Cumnock, Ayrshire, and we have visited that place (nothing left to see there, though).

      We would be delighted to take up your offer if it can arranged, and I will contact you directly on your email to discuss the possibility. I know Robyn’s cousins will be thrilled to know their ancestors’ property is still standing, and we’re delighted to know you are planning the anniversary. Let’s hope some of us can be there.

      Best regards,
      Alan & Robyn Craig

      • Hi Alan
        A century ago, it seems, I spoke to you about the light your work on the Galt-Ferguson family histories threw on the story of our little farm at Woodhead.
        As you know, we had plans for a series of small celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the farm, but they were put on hold for some reason (lol). However, Carolyn and I are still planning to invite a small group of people with a keen interest in the place, such as local historians, together in late January 2020, and so would like to invite you and Robyn (and friends, if you like) to join us.
        I’ll let you know the details a little closer to the date.
        Of course, you are welcome to pop in before then. Just give me a call a few days before and expect the place to be in glorious disarray as we continue to declutter and restore.
        Could you email your reply, pls?
        We look forward to welcoming you to Woodhead Farm, at last.
        Julian Foley and Carolyn Page

  2. Hi,
    We are researching our family tree and think there might be a connection here. We are descended through William and Margaret Ferguson and their daughter Jane Ferguson who went on to marry David McKinlay.
    Do you have any information on this?

    • Hi Doug,

      Many thanks for your enquiry.I’ve just been working our Ferguson line, so you’ve come along at the right time. I wondered if you meant William Ferguson (1840–1921) and Margaret Ferguson (1854–1919) who lived in Albert Shire (both born in Scotland). As far as I’m aware, they had 9 children between 1875 and 1895, but no daughter “Jane”.

      I looked up your Jane Ferguson / David McKinley marriage, and that happened in 1874 – way too early to have William and Margaret as parents. This may not be our line. Do you have some details about William Ferguson that might tie him into the Ferguson family that came from Cumnock, Ayrshire and settled in the Gold Coast hinterland (Cedar Creek / Albert River)? I’d be delighted to help out.



      • Hi Alan,
        I’m thinking our Jane Ferguson might be Margaret Ferguson’s sister? Jane was born in Scotland in 1857 and died in Hurstville NSW in 1922 and married in Queensland

  3. Hi Doug,

    What’s a bit confusing here is that a “Ferguson” married a “Ferguson”. In 1873, our William Ferguson (son of Walter Ferguson & Margaret McKerrow) married Margaret Ferguson (d/o William McFarlane FERGUSON,1828–1898, & Margaret Ethel BAIRD,1829–1878). Our William was born at Cumnock, Ayrshire in 1840, and Margaret was born in Glasgow around 1874.

    Our William came to Queensland with his parents and six other siblings in 1861 (on the “Jessie Munn”). Interestingly, when Margaret and William married (at Fernvale, Albert River), the witnesses were David Ferguson and Jane Ferguson. I always took these to be younger siblings of William, but if your Margaret also had a sister called Jane, that would make sense (a witness from each family). David is my wife’s Great-Grandfather.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about Margaret’s family other than her parents’ names. I’ll send you a copy of the Marriage certificate via email.


  4. Hi my names Hannah and we sadly lost our nana recently with her passing I got my hands on some old family portraits and letters. One pic I have is to be of a Ferguson marriage. There is also information and a letter from a Agnes Ferguson about the house in cedar creek. Including some names including my mothers maiden name of Jarvis. I have been googling and stumbled across this website and would be very interested in sharing Information. I’m also very excited as I’ve lived on Tamborine mt and have never known until now my heritage around the area. Can’t wait to get in touch with anyone

    • Hello Hannah,

      Many thanks for your comment.

      So sorry to hear about the loss of your nana, but I can tell from your surname that you must be a descendant of James Jarvis and Agnes Ferguson, who married on 20 Sep 1899. My records show that James was born in 1870 in NSW, and Agnes was born at the Cedar Creek property in 1880 – she was the daughter (4th child of 10) of William Ferguson (born 1840 in Scotland) and Margaret Ferguson (different family).

      The Ferguson family are my wife’s maternal side, and we know a good deal about this family. Last year, a number of ‘Ferguson’ descendants visited the old house at Cedar Creek, and it’s still standing (and officially listed as the oldest dwelling in the Gold Coast district).

      I would dearly like to make contact and I will send my details in a seperate email.

  5. Wow, I’ve just come across this thread, my great great grandparents are William and Margaret Ferguson. Their son John was the father of my nana Jean Smith. John was married to Elizabeth Charlotte Mahoney.
    So interesting to read all this information. I have not a lot of knowledge as my father died young and I lost my nana and pa when I was 12.
    My grandparents Henry and Jean Smith used to own a dairy farm of 100 acres at wolfdene up to veivers road. Before I was born however they raised my uncles there before retiring to Beenleigh in the 70’s after the 1974 floods.

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