A guide to our Family Trees

The family tree charts on this site (about 40 at last count) show all our known ancestors and their siblings — they could be called ‘uncle-and-aunty’ charts. The diagrams are not generated by software, but individually created in Adobe Illustrator™. They are specifically designed to accomodate as much information as is practicable about each person’s birth, death and marriage/s (if known). The construction of an individual tree is worked out to accomodate the space available; so, sometimes, they can be a little crowded — but, if you follow the lines, you can’t go wrong!

All the trees appear on various pages throughout the site, mostly allied with text about the particular family groups; however, by clicking the links in the tables below (left column), you can bring up the relevant page in a separate browser window. Sometimes it’s nice to read the stories with the chart in view to help understand the connections.

Charts are numbered and coloured for each of the eight main family groups: Craig, BrownMcKay, ŠugždaSchroder, EdwardsGalt, Ferguson. There are a number of features that can be easily understood by looking at the example in the top left (it’s fictitious … honestly!).

  • Males are in  blue  boxes, and females in  pink  ones (boringly conventional, hey?).
  • The direct parental ancestors for Robyn and me have boxes with purple borders (aristocratic pretensions). Our first cousins share the same direct line from grandparents back, and second cousins from great-grandparents. Each person is marked, unless otherwise specified, with their relationship to either Robyn or myself (in purple, under the name).
  • Marriages are marked with a double horizontal red line, and the year and place (if known) immediately above. Unmarried partners are connected by a dotted double red line. Children from each relationship are generally connected to the marriage/partner line by a black line, but those in our direct lineage are connected with a purple one (more pretensions!).
  • All children are shown in the order they were born — so, to save horizontal space, generations are often displayed over two (sometimes three) rows.
  • Where direct ancestors have the same given name across generations, these are usually numbered using square brackets (e.g. James [1] and James [2] — if it’s good enough for the Royals, it’s good enough for us!
  • Where an identical child‘s name reoccurs within the same family, each instance is numbered using small Roman numerals — in our example: Elizabeth (i); and Elizabeth (ii). This circumstance most often happens when a child has died young, and his/her name (usually an ‘honour’ name for a parent or grandparent) is then given to the next boy or girl to come along — this is a regular occurrence, especially in the Scottish naming tradition.
  • Where a person is linked to a family on one or more of our other charts, an arrow and a number tag are used to show the connection to the appropriate tree (I hope in the future to make those tags clickable hyperlinks).
  • Where known, siblings’ wives (pink) and husbands (blue) are marked at the bottom of the relevant person’s box.
  • The abbreviations within each box are: b: birthdate; bp: birthplace; d: death date; dp: place of death; m: married; nm: not married. Multiple relationships (married or otherwise) are numbered in order — for example: m1 / m2; or nm1 / m2.
  • The bands of background shading are to help the reader identify each generation within a chart. This is particularly useful where there are many children and some generations need to be displayed over two or three horizontal lines.
  • A “Current generation” box is used to end a tree to preserve the anonymity of living relatives.
  • Where Robyn and I have proven DNA links to people within the charts, a purple DNA symbol is pinned to their boxes with the number of known connections underneath. The similar white DNA symbol placed on the line to the offspring is an accumulated count of the purple DNA symbols.
  • Finally (whew!), where we have a copy of a person‘s will, his/her box is marked with a  ‘scroll and quill’ symbol – descendants of that person identified in the will are marked with a smaller version of the symbol.

List of Charts

The tables below show the main family name used for each chart, while the second name indicates the next most significant surname within that chart. This order does not infer any level of importance within the family tree. Also listed are the paternal and/or maternal family names found within each tree. Pink surnames in (brackets) are families who are not in the bloodline, but whose relationship is important to our ancestral story. The final column indicates other charts that link to the particular tree you are looking at.

Clicking on the number in the left column will open the page the chart can be found on (pages open in a separate browser window):


PRIMARY 2nd PATERNAL lines MATERNAL lines Links to …
C1a CRAIG Campbell Watson, Taylor Norwood, Hannah, Inglis, McCulloch, McKinnie C1b C1c C2 C3
C1b CRAIG (Findlay) (Gay) (Bryson), (McFarlane), Campbell, (Muggoch), (Smith) C1a C1c C2
C1c CRAIG (Swanston)   (Witherspoon), (Nicol) C1a C1b C2 C3
C2 Hannah Findlay CRAIG, McFarlane, McNicol, Cunninghame, Allen Stevenson, Bryce, McAlpin C1
C3 Norwood McBride CRAIG Blakeley, Johnston, Hannah, Littlejohn, BROWN, McKAY C1 C2 C4 B1 M1 Sz1
C4 Littlejohn Garden CRAIG Walker, Milne, Reid, McLeay, (Mathieson), (Mann), (Martin) C3 C6 C7
C5 McLeay McRae   McIntosh, Mair C3 C4 C7 C8 C9 C10
C6 McLeay Mair Littlejohn, (McLaren) Webster C3 C4 C5 C7 C8 C9
C7 McLeay (McLaren) CRAIG, Littlejohn (Cunningham) C3 C4 C5 C6
C8 McLeay (Wood) (Steinson, or Stevenson) (Christie i ), (Simpson), (Christie ii ) C5 C6
C9 McLeay (Smyth) (Buchan), (Cranston) C5 C6



PRIMARY 2nd PATERNAL lines MATERNAL lines Links to …
B1 BROWN Millar CRAIG, ”Graham”, Pinkerton Crawford, Stevenson, Wyllie, McKAY B2 B3 M1 Sz1 C3
B2 Pinkerton Brown (ii) Dickie Duff, Morris, Findlay, Wyllie B1 B3
B3 Wyllie Harper Pinkerton Stevenson, Caddal, McRae, Osburn, Shedden B1 B2



PRIMARY 2nd PATERNAL lines MATERNAL lines Links to …
M1 McKAY Brown Kilpatrick, McCullochCRAIG Stephen, Crawford, Geddes, McMeekinŠugždaitė M2 M3 M4 Sz1 C3 B1
M2 McMeekin Flynn McKAY, Connell McMurray, Crawford, McGuffie, McCreddie M1 M3
M3 McKAY Curse McMeekin (Hunter), (Orr) Brown, Flynn, Kilpatrick M1 M2 M4 Sz1
M4 (Evans) (Jenkins)  McKAY (Hughes), (Davies) M1 M2
M5 (Hunter) McKAY (Orr), (Brown) McMeekin, Brown, (McDonald), (Waddles), (Haddow) M1 M2 M3 M4 Sz1 C3 B1



PRIMARY 2nd PATERNAL lines MATERNAL lines Links to …
Sz1 ŠUGŽDA Melnikaitis Vidrinskas, (Simanavičius), McKAY, CRAIG, (Zinkevičius)  Stepšytė, VenciūtėKlimaitė M1 Sz2  C3 B1
Sz2 (Zinkevičius / “Fletcher”) (Yokubaitis) (Simanavičius), Melnikaitis, Vidrinskas, (Paulionis), (Pridatkas / “Grant”) Stepšytė, Venciūtė, (Vishnouskie), (Urenskienė)  Sz1



PRIMARY 2nd PATERNAL lines MATERNAL lines Links to …
S1 SCHRÖDTER Kumm Kluth Böttcher, WendtShönfeldMetzker, EDWARDS, GALT
S2 E1 E2 G5 F2 F3
S2 SCHRÖDTER Kumm (Creighton), (Griffiths), (Berghofer) EDWARDS, (Carsten) S1



PRIMARY 2nd PATERNAL lines MATERNAL lines Links to …
E1a EDWARDS Shorter Finch, SCHRÖDTER, (McCartney) Harden “Gourh”, Clark, Rootkin, WrightGALT E1b E2 E3 S1 S2 F3
E1b (McCartney) Shorter EDWARDS, (Morton) (Smalley) E1a E2 E3 S1 S2
E2 Wright Brand Shorter, Jermyn, Alvis E1 E3
E3 Drake Cobbin Winter, Wright, Dearsley, Shorter Claydon, Houghton E1 E2



PRIMARY 2nd PATERNAL lines MATERNAL lines Links to …
G1 GALT Love Walker, Clark, Cunningham Murchland, Muckle, Crawford, Howie, Littlejohn, Barr G2 G3 G4 G5 
G2 Howie Jack Reid, Barclay, GALT Cunninghame, Littlejohn G1 G3 G4 G5 
G3 Littlejohn Smitton Dick, GALT Binning, Barnet, Simm, Steedman, Fleming G1 G4 G5
G4 Steedman Chapman Littlejohn Robertson G3
G5 Barr Morrison Anderson, Smeal (Smelie) Simpson, McLean, Dobie G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 F3
G6 McColl McLean (i) McMillan, McLean (ii), Barr McColl (ii), McDonald G5



PRIMARY 2nd PATERNAL lines MATERNAL lines Links to …
F1 FERGUSON Goldie Bowman, Phillips Gray, Campbell, Hornebrooke, McKerrow F2
F2 McKerrow Hodge FERGUSON, Mitchell Hardman, Hannah, Mitchell, Samson F1 F3 F4a F5a
F3 FERGUSON McKerrow (Sim i), (Morrison), (Veivers), (Sim ii) Hardman, (Wilson), (Pollock), (Ferguson), (Bozier) F1 F2 F4a F5a F5b G5
F4a Hardman Frankland FERGUSON, GALT, SCHRODER, Butterworth, Warburton, (Taylor) F2 F3 F4b G5  S1
F4b Hardman (Young) (? “Chinese”), (Dung Yow), (Malinquest) Frankland F2 F4a G5
F5a FERGUSON (Veivers) McKerrow, (Pollock), (McConachie) F1 F2 F4b F5b
F5b (Veivers) FERGUSON (Bruhn), (Lee), (Anthes) (McConachie), (Simpson), (Schmidt), (Medland), (Thompson), (Hedges) F5a