This map of Middleton and Tonge is based on one published in 1848. The Hardman and Frankland families lived close by St Leonard’s Church from at least 1802 till the 1860s. James Hardman and his wife Mary Ann Frankland had moved to Oldham Road, Tonge, by 1853, and from here they left with their six youngest children for Queensland in November 1862.

This second map is based on one published in 1889, and it is easy to see how much the towns had grown in 40 years. The first thing to note is the proliferation of mills, and Middleton was known as a ‘mill town’. Another feature that stands out is the arrival of the railway, with the station close by Oldham Road. By this time, both James and Mary Ann had died in Brisbane, Queensland, and only a few of their children had put down roots in their home town. In 1972, the Borough of Middleton was abolished, and it was from then in the county of Greater Manchester rather than Lancashire.

This illustration from 1888 of St Leonard’s Church is taken from the north, and the building in the left foreground was the “Church Croft”. John Hardman and Mary Ann Frankland were living here for the 1841 and 1851 censuses, but had moved to 21 Oldham Road, just off Manchester Road, by 1853. Emma Alice Hardman was born that year and baptised at St Michael’s Church next to the new railway.

“St Leonard’s Square was the leading place for trade in Middleton in the early 1800s. Wagons in ancient times started from the square to Rochdale, Smallbridge, Whitworth and the Lydgate district via Church Street, Holebottom and Threepits route, taking the products of Middleton and returning with woollen goods, slates, flags, stone, etc. It also contained the old fire-engine house and the hearses which carried some of our forefathers to their last resting place at the churchyard, also the Old Court Leet House and the Church house”—Anon. letter to The Middleton Guardian, 18 June 1898


Middleton, Lancashire Map — 11 Comments

  1. ID Order Surname Fornames Date Month Year ref1 ref2 Age Relationship/notes
    2221 1 Frankland James 23 7 1856 59 467 82 Of Middleton
    2222 2 Frankland Hannah 13 6 1864 85 676 76 Wife of James
    2216 3 Frankland Elizabeth 6 10 1839 108 858 26 Dau of James & Hannah
    2217 4 Garner Hannah 19 1 1843 227 1815 28 PR Wife of Thomas
    2218 5 Frankland James 16 10 1847 88 701 29 Son of James & Hannah
    2219 6 Frankland Betty 11 6 1848 119 976 18 Dau of James & Hannah
    2220 7 Frankland Martha 28 4 1849 146 1199 21 Dau of James & Hannah
    Full details of the grave – Order column is the order on the stone – ID is sorted by date. Ref 1 is page number in Parish Records, Ref 2 is the individual record number. Notes are taken from stone, except for Hannah Garner, which is taken from the Parish Records.
    It looks like you have the wrong death details for James on Chart G6, and I thought that Hannah Garner may also be a daughter – You have 2 different deaths for the same birth date – but I was wondering if the age was 23, and I mis transcribed it – as this would then match with a 1820 birth date

    • Hi Glen,
      Many thanks for this information. I’ll look into James – I had him dying 18 May 1863, aged 44 (I have his birth record). And I have duplicated the dates for the two Hannahs (thank you). I’m reasonably certain of Hannah Maria’s marriage to Robert Stringer as I’ve been in contact with a descendant.

      The first Hannah’s birth should have been 12 May 1814, and I have a note she died after 1841, which would fit with Hannah “Garner” above – I’m guessing, from your information, that she might have married a “Thomas Garner”, and I’ll follow that up. Do you know what the “PR” stands for?

      Interestingly, James had a daughter called Mary Ann by his 1st wife (Ann Warburton); she had a daughter who was christened “Maria”, but always called herself “Hannah”. That daughter went to Brisbane, Queensland and has a very interesting tale.

      Are you a descendant of James Frankland and Hannah Taylor? Via Daniel?

      Best regards,

    • Hi Glen,

      I’ve updated the information on my G6 chart. Yes, Hannah Frankland did marry Thomas Garner (s/o Samuel) on 28 Jun 1841, but died 18 months later. They both lived in Harpurhey, 3 km south of Middleton. I think Thomas remarried shortly after, but I’d need to do more work on that to be sure. I’m not sure if there were children. Witnesses to the marriage were her father, James Frankland, and a Betty Bamford. Hannah’s maternal grandmother was an Elizabeth Bamford, so that’s another piece of evidence.

      The second “Hannah”, was actually baptised as “Anna Maria Frankland”, so that resolves the doubt about them. Anna Maria is recorded on later documents as “Hannah Maria”, but that could be scribal error, or perhaps her ‘nickname’.

      Thank you again for your information: it’s helped get that family’s records right.



  2. Hi Alan – The PR after Hannah Garner name is a note that the details are taken from the Parish Record book, not the stone (as the stone does not show a relationship with other members of the family.

    I am no relation to the family, I am from Middleton and currently working on a project to transcribe both the Parish records and the stone inscriptions (then cross reference the two sets of data). Someone posted a link to your site on our local family history group and I thought some of my info may be of interest to you



  3. Hi Glen
    Some really useful information here. Thank you.
    I found your site whilst researching into my 3rd Great Grandparents Samuel Slater & Hannah Taylor.
    I have their marriage:
    Samuel Slater m Hannah Taylor 12 Oct 1829; both of “this parish”. (St Leonards Middleton)
    And am searching their baptisms.
    Hannah I think I have located: 17 May 1801, Samuel is proving more difficult.
    Good look with your project.

    • Hi Betty,

      I’m wondering if you have the right Hannah Taylor here. Our Hannah Taylor was born 20 Apr 1788 in Middleton, the d/o William Taylor (weaver) and his wife Elizabeth. Hannah, I’m sure, only married the once. She married James Frankland (widower and clog maker) on 21 May 1812 at Middleton and had 8 children by him. James had already had 4 children by his first wife, Ann Warburton. Hannah died at Middleton on 13 Jun 1864, aged 76.

      As far as I can make out, there are no Slaters in this family.



  4. Hello Glen. I’m wondering if you are still able to help with info re Middleton.
    I would love to ask you about my Mum’s Grt-Grt Grandmother’s parents, who I believe were married St Leonard, Middleton in 1831.
    I would be very grateful for any help you may be able to give.

  5. Oh my goodness, a reply already, thank you so very much. Hello Alan.
    I’m confident of some of my tree. I am late getting started on this mission, with my Mum already passed, making it harder. Her half-brother & 2 half-sisters, very much younger than her.
    My Mum was never told her father’s surname so was brought up a ‘Turner’, my Nana’s mdn name.
    Family I know of live in Whitley Bay, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. As I’m told, a ‘Gosman’ married a ‘Burn’, who married a ‘Turner’.
    My g-grandmother was Mabel Alice Burn, her parents were Robert Mills Burn & Emma May Gosman.
    I believe Robert Mills Burn’s parents were George Burn & Caroline Mills. Other than the possibility Caroline’s parents were James Mills & Mary Thompson, who were married St Leonard, Middleton, Lancashire 30 Jan 1831, I’ve been stumped from there on for a while now.
    I will keep my fingers crossed.

  6. I just came across this when looking for something else. I have a very small DNA match with Alan but I don’t know how we are connected. From looking at Alan’s tree, it’s likely to be through someone from Yorkshire or Lancashire. On my father’s side, my ancestry is completely Yorkshire but my mother is a mixture of many parts of England and Scotland – including a gt grandfather from Wigan. Lancashire.

    Best wishes

    • Hello Dorinda,
      Many thanks for your post. My DNA has almost no English, and is mostly Scottish (with a bit of Irish) and Lithuanian (from my Grandmother). However, some of my cousins may have moved to England in the past. It’s my wife (Robyn) who has a sizeable English ancestry (Middleton, Lancashire; Essex; Suffolk). I had a look for your name in our Ancestry DNA profiles, but couldn’t see it – do you have a ‘user name’ that we might look for? If I could find your DNA profile, then I could see what shared matches we have, and work out which side of the family you’re related to. I’d be only too happy to share any information I have.

      Best regards,

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