A detail map of the Prenzlau and Angermünde districts of the old Prussian state of Brandenburg (c.1871), where the Schrödter and Kumm families originated. The first to migrate to Queensland from Bietikow were the older brothers, Wilhelm (with wife Wilhelmine Behm of Wilhelmshoff) and August Schrödter, in 1865, aboard the S.V. “Susanne Godeffroy”. The brothers settled in Wararba Creek, Caboolture, where they started a dairy farm. August drowned in Wararba Creek in 1872, just 4 months after marrying Ernestine Löwe (of Dreesch) — she was pregnant with their first child.

Next to follow, in 1871, was Robyn’s great-grandparents, Carl Schrödter and Caroline Kumm, with babies Wilhelm and Marie), aboard the S.V. “Lamershagen”. They were to have three more children at Wararba Creek: Alfred John (1872); Bertha (1876); and Minna (1879). The youngest brother, Ferdinand Schrödter (with wife Ernestine Rovert),  also made the journey in 1877, aboard the S.V. “Charles Dickens”.

Robyn’s 2g-grandfather, Carl Wilhelm Schrödter died at Bietikow sometime in the next few years, and his widowed wife, Christine Kluth (with married daughter, Wilhelmine Lindke and family), embarked on the S.V. “Herschel” in 1878 to join her children at Wararba Creek. Click here to see the map showing the family’s migration to Queensland. The following map shows the locality of the Prenzlau district within the broader state of Western Prussia, and shows a number of other German states as they were just before the unification of Germany in 1871.


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