This map shows the Govanhill and Polmadie suburbs of Glasgow, where both my parents lived in their early years. We lived at 63 Albert Road before migrating to Australia in 1950. This map is mostly based the older 1927–1928 ordnance maps, which is about the time my parents were born. The map also shows (in blue) where Robyn’s ancestors Margaret Howie and her son Gabriel [4] Galt lived at the end of the nineteenth century.



Govanhill (Glasgow) Map — 2 Comments

  1. I was born in Aikenhead Rd in 1956 and lived in a tenement (no 183 which backed onto the railway) until 1964. I think that 183 sat between the junctions with Batson Street and Hollybrook Street. Does anyone know that for sure.

  2. Hi David,

    Sorry I can’t help with the street numbering for Aikenhead Road, which has now become the A728, and it’s likely all the house numbers have been changed.
    From your description, your house was likely in that long building on the other side of the junction with Batson Street backing onto both the tram line and rail line.
    My dad used to talk about rolling down Kilchattan Drive (Kings Park) into Aikenhead Road – you can read something about the area in the 1930s on one of the other pages:


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