This map has been based on historical maps of the 1860s, and the various branches of the family and their relative address in Airdrie are colour-coded for easy reference.

Our earliest McKay family records (baptisms) appeared in the 1830s about 5 km (3 miles) north of Airdrie in the mining village of Riggend; however, by the 1850s, the family began to put roots down in Airdrie and Rawyards. Although the patriarch, John [1] McKay, and his namesake son, John [2], moved on to Cumnock in Ayrshire sometime during the 1860s, his wife, Mary Kilpatrick, and their other children remained in Airdrie.

This map uses the same scale and colour legend as the larger map of Airdrie.

Their eldest son, James, married Jeanie Logan at Rawyards in 1858, and he worked the mines there and at Drumshangie and Coatbridge till he died in 1907 – his wife moved on to Shettleston in Glasgow, and died there in 1915. Daughter Helen married three times. Her first husband, James Barr and their only child, Robert, died before 1861, and she then married Hugh Gemmell in 1863 and had a further two children (Alison and John). Hugh died, aged 33, in 1867 at Nimmo’s Land in Airdrie (off Chapel Street to the right of the map), and seven years later Helen married Nisbet Sinclair, a Superintendent of Police at Airdrie (1874). Helen had one more child at Airdrie (James, 1876) before she moved with her husband to Dennistoun in Glasgow. Nisbet died there in 1889, but Helen lived on until 1908.

The youngest surviving child of John [1] and Mary Kilpatrick was daughter Jane (ii) McKay, who married John McWilliams (Catholic) in 1867. This couple had 13 children between 1866 and 1888, all of whom were born in and around Airdrie.  Jane died at the Whiterigg village (1.6 km  / 1 mile north-east of Rawyards) in 1901, aged 57; her husband John died aged 71 at Mount Vernon, closer to Glasgow, in 1916.

As mentioned above, the old John [1] McKay, and his son John [2] had left the family in the 1860s, and they lived their lives out in Cumnock, Ayrshire. Mary Kilpatrick died at Albert Street in 1874, still separated from her husband; old John [1] died in 1878, never having returned to Airdrie. The young  John [2] had married Elizabeth McMeekin in 1863 at Cumnock, and my direct line is through their eldest son, Andrew. Their second son was James, who after a less than reputable time in the army, married an Airdrie girl, Mary Richardson in 1888. Their first child was born in Cumnock (1890), but their remaining 10 children were born and lived in Airdrie. After his father died at Cumnock in 1893, his mother, Elizabeth, lived with his younger brother Robert, first  moving to New Cumnock where he married Maggie Brown, and then to Airdrie, where they lived in Davidson Street until Elizabeth McMeekin died in the Airdrie Poorhouse in 1909. Robert later moved to Bellshill where he lost his first wife, and then to Galston where he married an Airdrie girl, Annie Jack – this couple never returned to Airdrie.

Only one other member of the extended family is recorded with connections to Airdrie: Archibald Brown, an uncle of my great-grandmother Lizzie Brown. Lizzie had married Andrew McKay (eldest child of John [2] and Elizabeth McMeekin) at Cumnock in 1889, and Archibald had moved to Airdrie before 1891, and was living at 66 Bell Street in that year; he died at 42 Chapel Street in 1898. It’s uncertain if he would have known any of his niece’s McKay in-laws.



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