This map mainly shows where Robyn’s ancestors – the Littlejohn, Steedman, and Dick families – lived between the mid 1600s and about 1800. Richard Littlejohn had moved to Glasgow by 1816 where he married Margaret Fleming. Their daughter, Helen Littlejohn, married Gabriel [4] Galt in 1843. Fife is also where some extended family members of the Ferguson and Edwards families originated.

On my side of the family, Helen McLeay married Peter McLaren in 1862 in Edinburgh, where they had one child. However, by 1865 they had moved to Auchterarder, Peter’s home town, where they lived at Feus and had eight more children. Astonishingly, recent DNA matching seems to confirm that Helen was the mother of the illegitimate Margaret McLeay, my gg-grandmother (born at Keith, Banffshire), even though Helen would only have been about 12 years old at the time!

Sarah Norwood Craig, granddaughter of Thomas [4] Craig & Sarah Norwood, was married twice and lived variously in Dundee and Perth. Alex Pridatkas (aka Grant), was a teenage boyfriend to my mother, and one of his sisters married mum’s cousin. Alex later married Alice Kenneford, and lived in Fife, where he developed a ground-breaking theory on the origins of the Lithuanian language.



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