The now-vanished Bothwellhaugh Pit-Village, Lanarkshire, Scotland

This map shows the pit-village of Bothwellhaugh (south of Bellshill), where my mother, Patronele Craig (née McKay), was born in 1929. Mum’s grandparents, Jonas Šugžda and Petronėlė Melnikaitytė, lived at Nº 13 Park Place from 1911 to 1941. Mum was born in 1929 in her Aunt Annie’s (Annie Zinkevičius) home at Nº 2 Store Place, though her parents were by then living in Polmadie, Glasgow. Her uncle Joseph married Euphemia McCaskill (1917) from Nº 16 Haugh Place, while uncle Johnny married Jeanie Hill Wallace (1927) from Nº 23. Joe and Phemie lived at Douglas Place before leaving for New Jersey in the 1920s.

The Wallace family had also lived at Square Place, while the McCaskills were living at Calder Place in 1943. All the men (and some of the womenfolk) in these families worked at the Hamilton Palace Colliery, known as “The Palais”. The entire village has now been demolished and made into a lake, and the area is now called the Strathclyde Country Park.



Bothwellhaugh Map — 4 Comments

  1. My grandparents lived in the pit village and were moved out to Belshill before they closed the village. Their names were John Docherty Fraser and Elizabeth Fraser new Whiteman. John worker in the pit.

      • Small world indeed, Rebecca. Would you like me to pass your email address on to Alison?

        Also, there is a Bothwellhaugh group on Facebook – you might like to register; there’s possibly other family members of yours there.


  2. Hi Alison,
    You might be interested in the Bothwellhaugh Facebook page – there you will find plenty of people who were there when they closed the village, and some who may well remember your grandparents.

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