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  1. Hi Alan,
    my name is Michael Foldenauer, my Mum’s a McWilliams, and my g-grandfather was Arthur McWilliams, who died in Buffallo. So we are related 🙂 I have been doing quite a lot of research lately and while doing so I found your great page. It’s very interesting to read all your research into the McKay family. I just wanted to say “Hello” and let you know, that I found Robert Barr’s Death Certificate. He died on the 25th of February in 1859. If you send me your email address I will send you the Certificate for your archive.
    All the best from Berlin (Germany),

    • Hi Michael,
      Sorry I’ve taken so long to see your message, but I’ve been travelling in Europe for the last two months and haven’t been able to log on as regularly as I usually would. Wonderful to hear from one of the McWilliam descendants of John McKay. It would be great to have any documents you have, and I’d be delighted to share whatever I have with you. All the documents I have are stored in a shared Dropbox file, and I can link you to that just as soon as I arrive home later this week (I’m in California at present visiting relatives on my dad’s side).

      My email address is:

      I live in Brisbane, Australia, and will be home this coming Friday.

      Best regards


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