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There is a very complicated set of relationships between the Ferguson and Veivers families (both of Scottish origins) at Cedar Creek in Queensland. The following chart illustrates how the descendants of John Ferguson and his sister Marion became entwined after branches of the family migrated to Queensland between 1861 and 1887.

Most of Walter [2] Ferguson’s family arrived in Queensland in January 1862. His grandson Walter [5] (son of John Ferguson) migrated to Sydney in 1895 with his family, but he and his third daughter, Margaret, died one month after arrival from tuberculosis. Walter [5]’s  pregnant widow, Mary McConachie, immediately moved north with her surviving daughters to join other members of the Ferguson family at Cedar Creek, on the Albert River in Queensland — four months later, in March 1896, the still pregnant Mary married John [2] Veivers, son of Marion Ferguson, her deceased husband’s 1st cousin. Mary and John immediately migrated to New Zealand where she delivered her first husband’s last child, Roy. To further complicate matters, her first daughter, Mary Morton Ferguson, later married her new husband’s brother, David. David and Mary were 1st cousins once removed. The closeness of this relationship can be appreciated when you consider that John [2] Veivers’ eldest step-daughter married his younger brother.

Additionally, the history of the Ferguson family and their inter-relationships with the Veivers family was wider than Marion’s marriage with John Veivers. John had three brothers and a sister who also migrated to Queensland, and some of these were neighbours to our Fergusons at both Cedar Creek and the Nerang District (which is in the modern Gold Coast City). The following chart shows a different perspective of the wider Veivers family, and their connections with Queensland:

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