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  1. Hi: My name is Henry Heater – the surname originally was Huetter. An Agnes Littlejohn married into the Huetter family in the US. My family tree is loaded on I have traced Agnes’ lineage to the Littlejohn family out of Fyvie. I wonder if there is a connection. Cheers, Henry

    • Hi Henry,
      I don’t have an Agnes Littlejohn in my tree, but my Littlejohn family stem from the general Fyvie area (Udny, Garioch, Forgue), so it is entirely possible we both relate to that family. My earliest known in that line is Peter Littlejohn, born 1762 near Aberdeen. He had at least 6 children, all born near the Chapel of Garioch. At least 3 of them died in Scotland. The other 3 were: Jannet (b.1786); John (b.1791, married Sarah Duncan); and Isobel (b.1802). Any of those three could have emigrated to the US.

  2. Hi Alan,

    It’s nice to find someone else researching the Littlejohn tree. My wife is a direct of Peter Littlejohn through his granddaughter Isabella Littlejohn (daughter of Robert Littlejohn & Amelia Kesson).

    Unfortunately the given date of birth of 22 Feb 1762 in St. Nicholas, Aberdeen for Peter Littlejohn is wrong. The Peter Littlejohn born on that date to William Littlejohn and Mary Dauney is a different person who later died in England while “OUR” Peter Littlejohn died and is buried in the Chapel Of Garioch. As yet I have been unable to determine a parentage or an exact date of birth except that he was born abt. 1757 (going by his headstone which has his death in 1835 at 77 years old).

    If I come across any more information then I will be happy to pass it in.


    • Hello Duncan,
      Many thanks for the note. Yes, that is an error in my chart – I have “abt 1758” in my actual tree, so I’m not sure why I’ve made the chart with that 1762 date. I’ll update my chart right away. Yes, I’d be delighted to hear any new information on my Littlejohn side. A couple of years ago, I bumped into some Littlejohns at Tarland in Aberdeenshire (landlady of the local pub), and that’s where my gg-grandfather, John Littlejohn, died in 1923. Small world. Interesting connections our line had with the Commonty of Bennachie. Do you know when Robert Littlejohn died? It was certainly before the 1841 census.

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