The earliest records from the Craig side come from the mid 1660s for families in Dunbartonshire and Stirlingshire. My ancestors from the McAlpin, Allen and Cunninghame families worked farms in the Bonhill Parish to the south of Loch Lomond, and eventually drifted north-east to meet the McNicol, and McFarlane families in the Buchanan Parish in Stirlingshire. Some worked at the Cashel Farm on the east side of Loch Lomond. At the same time the Findlay family were moving from Falkirk, Stirlingshire, into Dunbartonshire and then north to Buchanan where David Findlay married Christian McFarlane in 1794. One of their daughters, Catherine, was to move to Glasgow and, around 1827 she married a John Hannah – and that branch was about to merge with the Craig family who were emerging in Rutherglen.

Isabel Taylor was born in Glasgow Parish in 1741 and married James [1] Craig at Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, around 1761. They started their family there, but soon moved to Rutherglen where their son Thomas [2] Craig married Margaret Watson from Blantyre in 1785. Meanwhile, Archibald Campbell, a baker, had married Ann Inglis at Glasgow in 1781, but moved to the Helensburgh district in Dunbartonshire for a few years, and then back to Govan. Their daughter Margaret Campbell was born in Govan and married Thomas [3] Craig there in 1816, but moved back to Rutherglen where all of their 11 children were born. It was here the Hannah and Craig  families merged when John Craig married Rachel Hannah in 1850, and the story of her family lineage can be read here. John and Rachel had a son Thomas [4], and he married into the Norwood family that had come to Glasgow from Belfast via Liverpool – and their story can be found here.

Chapters on the CRAIG family:

  1. Rutherglen: 1740–1824
  2. Loch Lomond: 1670–1830
  3. Hannah-Findlay: 1740–1824
  4. Norwood: 1840–1932

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