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The Pinkerton family evolved for us in the mid 1700s just north of Troon, but by 1792 had joined the weaving trade in Kilmarnock. In 1808, yet another and separate branch of the Brown family merged with the Pinkerton family. The next generation saw the Wyllie/Harper family join with the Pinkertons.

The Wyllie branch of our family emerged in the early 1700s from Beith near Lochwinnoch on the Renfrewshire border. Like the Pinkerton family, they were in Kilmarnock by 1792 when Thomas Wyllie married Mary Harper, whose family had connections to Kilmarnock from the mid-1600s. The Pinkerton and Wyllie families merged in 1840, and in the following generation married into our main branch of the Browns.

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2. Kilmarnock: Pinkerton & Wyllie — 2 Comments

  1. Hello, I came across your site whilst researching my family tree. We share John Pinkerton as our 6th great grandfather. My line of decent is from Robert Pinkerton who married Isabella Taylor. They had a daughter called Jean Pinkerton who married John Goldie in Kilwinning Ayrshire. Great to meet you!

    • Hi Nicola,

      And great to meet you, too! A lot of that side of my family came from Kilmarnock, with Pinkerton marrying into the Brown and Wyllie families, and then on to yet another Brown family! I also have Browns from Ayrshire on my mother’s side, so it can get confusing, especially when my great-granny, Annie Brown, first married an unrelated Alexander Brown – however my granny was from another father!

      A real puzzle for our common ancestor is finding out who John [1] Pinkerton’s first wife was – I have what was seemingly his 2nd marriage in 1756 to Janet Blackwood – but a 1st marriage eludes me. His son, John [2] Pinkerton, married Jean Findlay, of whom we know very little, except that she had been a servant for William Stewart, a well-known smuggler from Collenan! 🙂

      I have birth and some marriage records for most of that family, so let me know if you would like to have them. If you like, I can link you to the family Dropbox where I keep copies of all certificates, and also my Ancestry.com tree. Let me know. 🙂



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