Lo! Some we loved, the loveliest and best,
That time and fate of all their vintage pressed,
Have drunk their cup a round or two before,
And, one by one, crept silently to rest.

This website represents over 40 years of research into the family history of four main family groups: my family, Craig and McKay; and Robyn’s family, Schroder and Galt. Of course, these are not the only names in our collective families; in fact, there are well over 500 unique last names that, together, make up the story of our ancestors. However, to make the narrative easy to understand, I have used those four groupings as the main headline names, with each of those representing two sub-groups which better illustrate the relationships: Craig-Brown; McKay-Šugžda; Schroder-Edwards; and Galt-Ferguson.

Our forebears originated in five countries: Scotland, Germany, Ireland, England and Lithuania. From these homelands, they mainly moved on to Australia or the USA, and we now have few close relatives in those motherlands—but the story will go on.

(Karl) Alan Craig